Sunday, February 15, 2009

Book Marketing - Gaiman Reading

Okay, a friend sent this over to me recently and I just thought it was too cool not to post. Neil Gaiman, celebrated author, graphic novelist and super multi-hyphenate, has written a new book for young readers. He also wrote the book on which the new movie 'Coraline' is based. I am a big fan of his novels 'Stardust', 'American Gods' and the Sandman Graphic Novel. To promote his new book Gaiman has gone and done something exceedingly simple, but certainly cool. He posted videos on his web site featuring himself reading every single chapter of the book. Dig it:


Aly said...

FYI, Alex - This book just won the Newberry Medal. I'm kinda starting to hate Gaiman.

Alexander Field said...

What hasn't he won or written?