Friday, June 26, 2009

Self Publishing & Other Friday Topics

Happy Friday all! Today I present a bit of a mishmash.

First up, novelist JA Konrath posted an article called "Should You Self Publish?" and I know many authors ask this question - Should I self publish my book? In fact, just yesterday I met with an aspiring author and did my best to field this very question for her. So check out the blog post, it presents some interesting perspective on the topic. And I'm curious, what is your general response to the idea of self publishing? Is it lame? Would it work for you? Is perspective on self publishing changing?

Konrath begins with the thesis that the answer to the post's titular question is, "It depends." He writes:

"There are no short cuts, no easy paths to success, no matter how you publish. You're going to wind up marketing, promoting, and working hard whatever you decide. Traditional publishing has the advantages of big money and a huge distribution network, though you might not get either even if you are traditionally published. Self-publishing is an alternative, but at the time of this writing it still lacks in too many areas compared to trad pubbing, except in some circumstances. Your job is to figure out what it is you want, and then decide on the best way to get it. Should you self-publish? It depends."

More on his blog.

Next, another video from the wonderful TED speaker's series. Yes, I am in love with the TED presentations, and the one below is no exception. Celebrated novelist Amy Tan speaks on creativity and the helpfulness of childhood trauma....huh? Yeah, she's funny.

Finally, a link to a Michael Jackson-themed bit of interest, at least to me. I remember watching the Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" video over and over and wondering how he was able to lean over so far on the dance floor. I thought it was trick photography, but no!

Apparently Jackson patented a pair of special leaning shoes for that move that he then went on to use on his lives tours. See them here along with a video of Jackson performing the move live. Rest In Peace Michael.

Have a great weekend.


Lady Glamis said...

Great post! It's nice to see that no matter how we publish, it's going to be very hard. And I love the TED videos, too. If you haven't seen this one, with Elizabether Gilbert, check it out! I listen to it all the time when I'm depressed about writing.

Anita said...

Yours are some of the few links I click. Great resources, interesting stuff. Thank you!

kate keeley said...

Thank you for another inspiring journey into the mysterious world of writing. I'm going to spend some time contemplating the questions I'm here to answer because I have long felt that writing--fiction, non-fiction, faction, or whatever--needs to be a gift to the reader. You have been one of my random events that gives me focus. I appreciate that!


Kori said...

I'm rather of the opinion that self publishing is crap, as is e-publishing, but then, I'm a hard-core booklover with a lot of stock put in books from TOR, Del-Rey, Random House, Ballantine, and Daw. (Er... not literal stock. The stock market is one of the Great Mysteries of Life to me.)

When I write (and I write for myself, but I also keep the vision of walking into my preferred book store and finding my name on the shelves clear in my mind) I want it to be... official. Getting the recognition of publication by a major publishing house is for me the equivalent of a major athlete standing on top of the mountain they've just conquered and screaming HERE I AM! Anyone can 'self-publish.' But only the worthy pass the many trials and tribulations involved in trad pubbing (to thief your word from you).

thepix said...

Oh, Yay! Amy Tan! I just love her.

That was an amazing talk! Thanks so much for posting it!