Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book Marketing Thursdays: Partner with Your Local Bookstore

For those of you who have a favorite bookstore in your area, this idea is for you. Here's a great local-bookstore-supporting marketing approach that I genuinely love—and I think its adaptable to authors of any stripe.

As he readied for the launch of his new graphic novel Sidekicks, author Dan Santat created what he's calling a pre-order experiment. He told fans via blog post that if they pre-ordered his new book through his site, he would buy all the preordered books through his local bookstore, Mrs. Nelson’s Toy & Book Shop, in La Verne California. The author then promised to sign each copy and provide each customer with some exclusive content from the book, including one-of-a-kind artwork. And Mrs. Nelson's Toy & Book Shop would pocket the profits.

Lots of great things here: First, you support your mom and pop bookshop. Second, you garner some customer loyalty and interest because of the method. Third, you provide some unique extras to build lifelong fans and readers of your work.

Clearly, this unique approach is simpler for graphic novelists, who can giveaway some extra artwork more easily than other authors, however, I think this kind of fan-focused, and local bookstore angle could earn great results for any author with the right amount of creative thinking.

*Above: Author Dan Santat.

Check out the story at Publisher's Weekly for details. Or go straight to Dan Santat's web site right now for details, videos, behind the scenes material, and the opportunity to buy his new book.

By the way (and not that you care) but my favorite local bookstore in California, where I lived for most of my life is Bart's Books in Ojai, CA, the self-described World's Greatest Outdoor Bookstore. And yes, much of the book store is actually outside. Crazy, but totally awesome for any book fiend. Bart's also has a number of small rooms displaying rare first editions and signed books for the book collector. My favorite local bookstore here in Colorado is, of course, The Tattered Cover in downtown Denver. I go there far too often even though its a bit of a drive.

What's your favorite local bookstore?


Rick Daley said...

Most often visited: Barnes & Nobel

Next up: Half-Priced Books

But I did get a Kindle this year, and have bought more books online than in a store. I mainly go to bookstores with my kids.

WORD VERIFICATION: fureeist. Having the most fur.

Anita said...

There's an indie in Palmer Lake I've been meaning to visit. I buy most of my books online (about 90%), but we usually go to B&N or buy at school book fairs.

word verification: ingingi (fun to say fast)

Brian Miller said...

small book store...Paperback exchange...lots of old books, cheap...smells like books, nothing fancy but a great place...

its an hour away...

but i do have B&N in town...